From icon to emoticon to pictogram all the way to euro sign:
we welcome all symbols!


Light up your letters with sympathetic smileys and sweet symbols :-)

MOBILITEITSBEDRIJF  -  F*** getting stuck!

MOBILITEITSBEDRIJF  -  Bike in the fast lane.

MOBILITEITSBEDRIJF  -  A P-spot for quickies.

MOBILITEITSBEDRIJF  -  Let's get this Christmas show on the road.

JEUGDWERK  -  Lock it or lose it.

JEUGDWERK  -  Holy shit!

JEUGDWERK  -  Time for the old up & down.

M.AD | NORSKE SKOG  -  A transport process that moves.

MM COCKATOO | NILEDUTCH  -  A win-windy situation.

GROEP GENT  -  Follow the leaders!

OIKOS  -  A wind of change.

UNESCO  -  Not too much information!

JEUGDDIENST GENT  -  A whirling water world.